"I like VATC because it feels like my second home. It doesn't feel like anywhere else.  The teachers welcome you and they'll support you.  The biggest things I've learned coming here is learning how to ride the city bus and get more job skills.  When I first graduated high school I didn't have any job experience, but I got job training at VATC.  They taught me how to apply for jobs,  make a resume and practice for job interviews.  I had an opportunity to work through WorkAbility and get a lot of job training and help my confidence.  Now I am working full time, on my own, at a resort and I love it.  If I didn't have the support from VATC, I don't think I would be able to have the job I have now.  Coming to VATC will teach you how to become a young independent adult and you will have fun going out in the community too.  I feel really proud of what I've learned for the last 4 years at VATC."  
           Nichelle Yackel