Vista Adult Transition Center, located at 305 and 325 Bobier Drive, in Vista, California, is a community hub for young adults with disabilities.  

Currently our campus consists of 11 classes, of which eight are for students with moderate-to-severe disabilities and three for students with mild-to-moderate disabilities.  Our Vista Adolescent Learning Academy (VALA) is an intensive behavior assistance program for middle school, high school, and adult students developed as a less-restrictive alternative to non-public schools.  Additionally, our Specialized Health and Intensive Needs Education (SHINE) class provides award-winning services for adolescents and young adults with medical fragility and cognitive challenges.

A satellite work-study program at California State University, San Marcos also is part of VATC.  The students in this program are part of the Grounds Department, assisting with hardscape maintenance and recycling for the university, while receiving instruction in the domains of adult transition.
The purpose of the Vista Adult Transition Center (VATC) is to provide a truly individualized program for
young adults with disabilities in all domains of adult transition. We accept 18 to 22-year-old students in
the Vista Unified School District if they have a current IEP, have access to four years of high school
curriculum, and have not yet earned a high school diploma.
The mission of VATC is to facilitate and develop opportunities to model life skills that foster students’
independence, academic achievement, employment preparation, and social/emotional growth while
supporting their character, interests, and the pursuit of individual aspirations.
Vista Adult Transition Center Core Values:
* Self-directed, personalized learning
* Character (integrity, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, respect, citizenship)
* Independent critical thinking and problem-solving
* Self-determination
* Perseverance

VATC is an Adult Transition Program (ATP) developed for students with disabilities aged 18-22 in the
Vista Unified School District. Students are eligible to attend VATC if they meet these four criteria: 1) they
have a current IEP, 2) are 18 years old by the end of their first semester, 3) they have completed four
years in a high school program, and 4) have not yet received a high school diploma.
VATC ATP students are provided individualized support in four domains of adult living: 1) domestic skills,
2) postsecondary education, 3) work experience/vocational education, and 4) community awareness
and access. VATC is a hub for young adults with disabilities, entirely personalized in providing each
student with appropriate support in becoming independent, successful adults. Students have
individualized programs and schedules as developed.